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Surrey Wedding Celebrant
Surrey Civil Celebrant for Weddings, Baby Naming Ceremonies & Funerals
Surrey Wedding, Baby Naming Ceremony & Funeral Celebrant |
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Why choose a celebrant?

As a Civil Celebrant, I can reflect any religious beliefs in the ceremony and we are not tied by restrictions on location.

Working together, we can create a unique and personal service that feels fuller and richer than a rigid legal ceremony, and one that allows you to express your creativity and freedom.

I have been a Celebrant since 2012 and so have had the opportunity to work with many couples and family's over the years.

In this time I have seen the industry change and grow and enjoyed seeing the freedom being a Celebrant gives my clients and how many more options are open to them.


My Story

My previous working life in holistic health means I naturally feel deep empathy and care for people. I've found from this industry that building rapport, listening to people's needs, suggesting solutions and providing support is essential to giving the best experience possible.

I love the flexibility and options that my work as a Celebrant opens up to the people. My priority is what's best for you and how I can give you a Ceremony that feels right for you.

For various reasons, there can be certain emotions or family dynamics that may arise, my work as a meditation teacher enables me to be present and peaceful with those I come in to contact with in order to help you navigate your day more smoothly.

Surrey Wedding Celebrant | Surrey Funeral Celebrant | Surrey Baby Naming Ceremonies Celebrant
Q:  I don't understand why I need a celebrant?

The running of a Ceremony can be more intricate that you might expect. Having someone guide you through the whole process makes it easy and stress-free. It also means you get someone that knows the industry and is adept at structuring and writing a service. There are restrictions with having a Registrar or Humanist Celebrant that you don't have with a Civil Celebrant.

Q:  How are you different to a registrar?

Although in England we cannot yet perform the legal part, we do have much more freedom in so many other ways. You'll still have a photo opportunity where you can sign and keep a beautiful, commemorative certificate with a couple of witnesses. (The "legalities" can be done simply and easily before or after at the Registry office at a day of choosing.)


Because venues won't need a licence for me to conduct the service it opens up huge opportunities where you can have your Ceremony (for example; open space/outdoor areas (with landowner permission), hotels/venues without a licence etc).


With a Celebrant you'll have a tailor written service. You can even write your own vows if you wish. As I am a Civil Celebrant (not Humanist or a Registrar) you will have the freedom to add any readings, music or other elements you wish (for example; a prayer, a reading from the bible or simply a reading that has a religious reference).


I will also be able to suggest other elements you may like to include such as a candle ceremony, ring warming, hand fasting. Timings for the service are longer and therefore more full and rich in content - usually 35-45 minutes as opposed to an average of 20 minutes.

Q:  Is it expensive?

 Not at all. I fairly price my services at mid-range so that I can meet everyone's budget. If you'd like to find out more about working with me as your Celebrant, please do get in touch complete my contact form

Q:  We love the sound of a Celebrant, do you travel?

 Yes absolutely. I am a celebrant based in Surrey, but cover a much wider area. Feel free to complete my contact form

and I will be in touch to find out more about your Ceremony.

Surrey Celebrant Christina Walker
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